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Vaccine were an alternative rock band from Munich, Germany. While playing over 60 concerts and releasing several CDs, they managed to gather a small but devoted following and enthusiastic reviews in the German press. This is where you can still get ahold of their music, peek at some of the pictures that were taken during that time, and stay up to date with the guys' latest projects. To connect with other fans, you can still access the band's last.fm and MySpace pages. Don't bother looking on The Facebook.

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Follow-up Projects

It is 2020, and Jonathan has a new project: Fox & Grapes, with Antonio having been a founding member.

In between, Jonathan performed with Code Canary (when they were still called Starpost), while Antonio performed with Die Reste von Gestern (since disbanded).

Fridolin still has an innovative bakery in Munich: brotraum.


The members of Vaccine would like to thank the following people: Albert, Alfredo, Alex, Andrasch, Aric, Bartl, Bene, Christopher, Dirk, Doreen, Erwin, Flo, Gerhard, Herr Stilz, Kamil, Kevin, Kiesi, Magda, Manuel, Matthias, Max, Michael, Michi, Michl, Miri, Natalia, Natalie, Nikolai, Reinhard, Roberto, Sabi, Sam, Sascha, Subkultur, Thom, Tobias, Willi, Wolfi as well as fans, family, friends, photographers, and all other loyal companions.